Poetry Film Festival Vienna 2019


 Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival Nov 29 to Dec 1, 2019 

Festival director Sigrun Höllrigl                                                                                                                                                              photo: Michael Lukele


The Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival is the second largest Poetry Film Festival world-wide. It started in 2013 and it´s held bi-annually since 2015.

A Petty Morning Crime

By Asparuh Petrov (animation)  and Georgi Gospodinov (poetry)


А murder in the second degree, that doesn’t cut down the guilt…
“A Petty Morning Crime” is based on the original poem by Georgi Gospodinov of the same title. The film is part of the visual poetry project “Mark & Verse” produced by Compote Collective.

Selected for ZEBRA 2016 and featured as a film of the month at PoetryFilm Kanal.

This Has Begun...
Poetry Film International
By Soren James 

A short film about beginnings and the creative process.

Off  The Trail

By Poets: Gary Snyder, Michael McClure   &  Filmmaker: Nick Jordan, Jacob Cartwright (USA)

Poetry Film International

Winner film International competition Poetry Film Festival ZEBRA 2016

Filmed in former US military barracks, and in the long-abandoned homes and circular library of Gary Snyder and Zen philosopher Alan Watts, Off the Trail follows a central protagonist, a soldier from another era, as he performs a series of actions and rituals. The uniformed figure paints Chinese nature symbols, chants, meditates and wanders dreamlike through a rolling Californian landscape of fog-shrouded hills, coastal defences and dense woodland valleys. Scenes are accompanied by haiku and poetry readings from poets Michael McClure and Gary Snyder, and the disembodied voice of Alan Watts, ruminating upon the passage of time and our perception of the wild. nickjordan.info/offthetrail.html
A short film adapted from Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan's longer work Headlands Lookout vimeo.com/87261286

Textfilm Made in Austria          

Tragödie oder Komödie?              
a man and a woman by Sigrun Höllrigl (text) and George Chkheidze (film)







Poesiefestival Höflein (NÖ) (2015), VideoText Festival Bramberg (2015), Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival Wien (2015) International Film Poetry Festival Athens (2015), Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus (2016), Poetry Film Festival ZEBRA Berlin/Münster (2016, FILE ELECTRONIC LANGUAGE Festival  Sao Paolo 2017. 


Videopoetry International 


ein blaues tier sich verneigt  - a blue animal bows 

Words &  by Sigrun Höllrigl  / video & sounds by Marc Neys / voice Christian Reiner
English subtitles






Selected for  FILE 2015 - Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Poetry Film Festival ZEBRA Berlin/Münster 2016

tschumbotschampoo oder Jörg Bungee verschollen am seil



"jumbo shampoo or Joerg Bungee vanished on the rope" by Hubert Kramar refers to a classic Dada text from 1920. Main subject is ambiguity of speed. The film ends in surreal laughter ex nihilo.

"tschumbotschampoo oder Jörg Bungee verschollen am seil“ von Hubert Kramar referiert auf einen Dada-Text aus dem Jahr 1920. Der Film behandelt die Ambiguität der Geschwindigkeit – seine Faszination und Erotik und seine Gefahr. Gearbeitet wird in Montage- und Layering-Techniken mit historischem Filmmaterial.

Textfilm made in Austria
Film by Hubert Sielecki

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