Painted Poetry by the artist Joost de Jonge

Painted Poetry & Painterly Poetics

Joost De Jonge exchanged a painting for a poem or an essay with some of the most important writers of The USA & EUROPE. The book is freely available in the internet

Some texts are available in up to 6 languages (GB/DE/IT/ES/NL/FR) click the texts to see the translations where available.

Interview Columbia Journal

Art + Science


Rorschach Audio - Art & Illusion for Sound ** BOOK RELEASE **



Art Symposium in the hall of industrial complex Merina in Trencin was focused to young artists from Slovakia and Czech Republic. Following the example of many world cities, artists have brought their art to the premises of the factory ceased operations and gave it a new dimension of presentation gallery character. Merina was one of the major factories for the production of textiles in the early 20th century in Europe. Currently-May 2013, the indoor spaces were occupied by artists who work here on multi-genre nature (painting, sculpture, video, animation, site-specific installation, dj-ing, vj-ing, concerts, fashion design) with the final open to the public. Aim of the one week symposium is to establish in these areas regular event where the young artists could present their art and offer it to the public, which could change the treatment of Industrial architecture, of its maintenance and presentation potential.


This short video is about autodestruction character of human being. " Born, sucking up, die of". Human map is tallking, about the worst situations of black human history. It is made of over 22 440 pictures of Earth places. Each one expanding cyrcles points on the map should to indicate one bad fact in our history. An atom bombing in Hiroshima , WW1, WW2, Genocides in Rwanda and next situations ......... Human map should to indicate rotten human body destroyed by the human hate!!!

Birth of life

Bachelor film Birth of Life 2007 Tomas Bata Uneversity Czech republic. technique: plasticine animation

Tattoo Examen

Work of Zovinec bros. is also about support artwork of others artists. This is short video of Igor Zubek, slovak tattooer and his art work. Video is created by Zovinec bros.


14:13 is Master film  Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava-The Film and Television Faculty


Four friends from Slovakia on holiday on the island of Corsica-Europe. We look for abandoned industrial-spaces - architecture and their atmosphere is a simple story, which played as actors themselves and so put them back in a short time life. Name L AMIANTE - means asbestos. 4 Actors: Dušan Chrastina, Gabriela Zigová, Zovinec brothers. Music by: Ergo Phizmis Created by: Zovinec Bros.

Poetic Delights (Night 1) @ Gold Coast Arts Festival

 Poetry Performance by Kimberley Bianca