call for entries: Art Visuals & Poetry Film competition 2015




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Stills competition entries  2015 Ann-MarIa Schneider, Alexandra Reill, Maria Chalela-Puccini (from left to the right)



Why does it need a textfilm festival? Simply for the reason, that the genre textfilm has grown very fast due to internet and mobile devices. Until now it has not found yet sufficiant and established representations in the film festival world. Even though many media art festivals and poetry festivals started up to feature text films. There´s a lively scene of peotry film screenings in London and Berlin. But also Vienna has become important for its Poetry Film Festival.
Due to a very limited festival budget in 2015 we have decided to make only one competition. We enlarged it to all German speaking countries, which means Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There will be also an international side-programm during the festival. This side-program does not follow a kind of best-of-philosophy. It is made after aesthetic values. The international program will be curated in 2015 and is not part of our call for entries and competiton of 2015.



Please note: We can only accept competition entries from German speaking countries (residency or nationality). German language in the films is wanted. Exceptions will be made, when these literature short films show an outstanding quality and can offer English or German subtitles. We will continue with our international prize "SPECIAL AWARD" after a  festival poem next time. Unfortunately it´s not possible to offer a studio recording and translation in the same quality of last year again. But please be patient and join us again next year. We loved the international competition and the outstanding quality of the incoming poetry movies. We wil try our best to make this prize happen again next time.



The Art Visuals & Poetry Filmfestival in Vienna is lead since 2013 by Sigrun Höllrigl and Hubert Sielecki. There will be an independant competition jury selecting the winner films and honorable mentions.


- Dominik Tschütscher ( film curator, director of Cinema Next)
- Zuzana Husarova
(Researcher/author electronic literature postdigital poetics, Lectures Bratislava/ Institut fuer Sprachkunst, Vienna
- Magdalena Knapp-Menzel (Grazer Autorenversammlung)

- Anna Katharina Laggner  (radio journalist, film reviewer, moderator)
- 4youreye (Visual Arts, Projection Art)
- Hubert Sielecki (poetry film maker, formerly teacher studio for experimental animation University of Applied Arts)
- Sigrun Höllrigl  (festival directrice, author, poetry film maker)



The main prize of 400 Euros will be donated by Art Visuals & Poetry. There might be additional partners upcoming. We are working on it!



Selected films will be presented in curated programs during the ART VISUALS & POETRY FILMFESTIVAL - DEC 5-6, ViENNA.
More details about the international side-program and the festival date is coming soon!


 Competition deadline is September 15, 2015

You can submit easily by following this link and by filling in this online submission form


/ Conditions of Participation /  Guidelines & Rules / Deadline for entries September, 15, 2015

For a successful participation these rules need to be followed:
- The submitted literary short film or poetry film has a length of 2.5 - max. 10 minutes and is based on a literary short text or poem.
- The film maker or director has an Austrian, German or Swiss nationality or residency. Further international collaborations (composer / writer) in the team are welcomed.
- The film is not older than 3 years (date of publication 2012-2015).
- The film has not been submitted before -  in 2014 or been part of the festival screening in 2013.

- ART VISUALS & POETRY is granted the right to screen the film in the context of the competition and the festival.
- NEW: The following online form and copyright declaration arrives in time. Deadline is September 15, 2015.
- Beside the entry form we need access to your film for evaluation. We prefer a sighting via internet link (password protected, vimeo, You Tube). You can also submit your poetry movie via or by mail. If you choose post transfer please send us the final screening version of your film stored as mov. file on DVD or stored on a USB stick. For organizational reasons we can not return any submitted art work. But you can pick up the sticks directly during the festival in Vienna.
- The screening version of the selected art work must arrive at least 10 days bevor the begin of the festival.
-SCREENING FORMAT:  We only accept films in the following formats: mov or mp4 File, H264, Sound uncompressed, 48 000 kHz, 16 bit.

Voluntary in addition: Please send us more information about you and the art work
such as a synopsis, short biography (appr. half a page), a portrait photo and a still of the movie (>500 KB).

Postal address:

TARGET REPLY. Verein für Kunst- und Medienprojekte

Hörnesgasse 24/6
1030 Vienna


We wish you good luck & happy work!


Sigrun Höllrigl, Festival directrice & team


With special thanks to:

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