Painted Poetry by the artist Joost de Jonge

Painted Poetry & Painterly Poetics

Joost De Jonge exchanged a painting for a poem or an essay with some of the most important writers of The USA & EUROPE. The book is freely available in the internet

Some texts are available in up to 6 languages (GB/DE/IT/ES/NL/FR) click the texts to see the translations where available.

Interview Columbia Journal

Joost De Jonge studied painting at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Facultat del Bellas Artes in Barcelona, and at the School of Art in Utrecht, The Netherlands (where he graduated in 2002 BFA With Honors). Joost de Jonge was featured in many shows at the Bill Lowe Gallery, as of 2006, showing together with Dale Chihuly in Atlanta & exhibiting at the Lowe Gallery’s Santa Monica space as of April 2007. He also has exhibited in Italy’s most prestigious art fairs through Galleria Studio Legale.  His work explores the enigma of the ‘Infinite’ and expresses its metaphysical and philosophical manifestations through abstract works founded upon complex color theories and oppositions in textures and materials. You can read more about this projects