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Neulich 2 by Jochen Kuhn (Germany)





Jochen Kuhn is known as one of the  leading artists in painted animation. His films won prices all over the world and his paintings and films are also part of the private "collection Goetz" and in MOMA NY.
A Kuhn film is very literary - you could describe it as a painted literary short story brought into film. In these short films a self reflecting narrator tells a story about his every day life, which mostly leads up in a humerous and human philosophy of resignation.

"Neulich 2" is part of the serie Neulich 1 to Neulich 5  which has been produced from 1998 to 2004.

With the animation "Sonntag 3" which is one my favorite literature films, Jochen Kuhn won the German Short Film in 2013. Beside film making and painting the artist teaches film at the Film Academy Ludwigsburg.




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