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Many of you might be interested, when you can submit again to the next Poetry Film Festival in Vienna. We will open the next competition November, 30 2016. The call for entries will be open until March, 30, 2017. Please check carefully the requirements and limitations of the two calls. Main competition is dedicated to German speaking countries. The festival itself will take place in November 8-10, 2017.

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Art Visuals & Poetry runs a serie of subsequent Poetry Film screenings called ON TOUR within 24 months of the festival until the next poetry film festival starts. These screenings are managed with different partners not only around Vienna, but also in other parts of Austria. The film events help us to keep the interest alive until the next festival shows up. For us it means to enlarge the existing audience. We may share also film our programs among other European Poetry Film Festivals. We will ask for your consent being part of ON TOUR. It´s voluntary.
To reach additional audiences we have started a new co-operation with the Vienna based community TV station called OKTO TV, which is an alternative non-profit channel without commercials. Selected poetry film movies may be broadcasted in Vienna by OKTO TV during the festival time (no archive).The films will be placed within a new film program called "short and good" curated by Hubert Sielecki. Of course it is voluntary to take part in this program. OKTO does not pay any production costs. We can not make this without paper work. Please let us know first, if you would be interested to be part of it.
We will ask you later on for a written consent, when we have selected the films.



1) The main prize:  "AWARD GERMAN SPEAKING COUNTRIES"                                               (information about the prize-money upcoming!)

As in 2015 we will make a call for entries for film makers from Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The rules are: At least one of the directors of the film should have German, Swiss or Austrian residency or nationality. German language is wanted, but not required. The poem is or text is free of choice. 


2) The international  "SPECIAL AWARD"  after a given festival poem                                       (information about the prize-money upcoming!)

The second poetry film competition, the Art Visuals & Poetry "SPECIAL AWARD" is dedicated to a special  festival poem. It is set up without any geographical limitation. For the festival 2017 we have chosen a love poem from Rainer Maria Rilke called "To Lou Andre-Salome". Rilke wrote the poem in 1911 in Duino. The words were addressed to his former love Lou Andreas-Salome. After the couple separated, they went on in a deep friendship writing each other. Lou Andreas-Salome was one of the leading intellectual women of Fin de Siecle. In early days Friedrich Nietzsche wanted to marry her. Born in Russia, she studied in Zürich and was one of the first women in psycho analysis and being in touch with Sigmund Freud. I will go more into details later.
It is required for all competitors to use this special poem for this call for entries. We have recorded the poem for you. You can also make an own recording in German of the poem or remix or alter the given recording. Competition language is German with subtitles. In case you go for a new recording, we may want full text. If you decide to go over it, the work has to very interesting. We are open for experimental forms. At the end the Rilke poem should the be the original source of the film and we should be able to recognise your intense work with the given poem.



Even though the competition will be opened in November 2016 we want to bring you in touch very soon with the text and its recording, to give you more time for the filmings and concept. The period to enter a film will be opened from November 30, 2016 and last until  March 30, 2017. With the official start of the competition we will also provide you for free with an excellent English translation including the rights. For the time being please use the following translation by A. Poulin as a first start to dive into Rilkes' poem.



The best films of all will be screened at the festival in Vienna in a special program block dedicated to Rilke. We hope to be able to offer a prize-money for the winner film or invite the film director to Vienna.

More soon! Keep in touch! We are currently looking forward to your films.The next Poetry Film Festival Vienna will take place in from November 8-10,2017  at Metro Kino Kulturhaus, which is a wonderful location in the heart of Vienna city center.

Submission will be accepted from November 30, 2016 until March 30, 2017. The competition is dedicated to short films up to 20 min. We accept movies back to the production year 2007. You will be able to submit via online formula on our website or via Festhome or Filmfreeway. We will charge a small service fee from platform users to make sure, that our focus film poetry will be considered seriously during submission.


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Publication of the competition rules 2016

Dear all, I have updated the new poetry film competition rules - check the new festival poem 2017, it's ready for download!