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June 2016 - It ends. It's June, it's hot. I join Tinder. Which is dark. Work is going slow, which could be dark, but now I'm too used to it and I am actually creatively at a very good spot. Bahar and I are going to collaborate on videopems. We'd like to talk about endings in our first.

Saba Riazi,  an Iranian film maker studying in NY about Videopoems
"To us NYU film graduates, high production values are almost equal to ethics and principles. After three and a half years of having "Ice cream"  my first feature in post production I realized I have lost "time" waiting for finances to come to be able to finish Ice cream. This has been the issue for many of my colleagues who wanted to make REAL MOVIES. So I decided, in the meantime I will shoot my life on my iphone or Canon 70D as I go, when I can and where I can and I will try to finish up biweekly or monthly video projects, freestyle, almost in form of a poem. You might notice sound pops, imperfect cuts and abstract narratives in these pieces and although those are conscious and some intentional, the only reason I make these videos is that they actually make me happy. They are very personal creative projects and they give me a chance to express myself and exercise my craft, without worrying about industry standards and three act structure and so on and so forth."