Literaturhaus Salzburg, 9 th of February 2011 during the 80ths birthday of Thomas Bernhard

Poetry Happening, Visualized  Performances, Thomas Bernhard-reading. Young authors reading texts dedicated to Thomas Bernhard. Literary interventions by the authors Sophie Anna Reyer, Judith Pfeifer, Sigrun Höllrigl  Barbi Markovic (Ausgehen, Edition Suhrkamp)
Live Visuals  4YOUREYE
Reading, moderation: Hubsi Kramar

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 Thomas Bernhard Remixed III   - Barbi Markovic "Ausgehen" edition suhrkamp 




Sophie Reyer - Thomas Bernhard Remixed I - Frostgehen (Alptraumlandschaft) -


The actor Hubsi Kramar  was reading Thomas Bernhards novels Frost and Gehen enriching the reading with his political comments about post-war time in Austria and current political failures. The authors Anne Sophie Reyer, Sigrun Höllrigl, Barbi Markovic and Judith Pfeifer were intervening by her text performances offering to the public their views of Thomas Bernhard. With 150 visitors the venue was completely sold out.



Thomas Bernhard remixed II - der künstler und ein publikum by Sigrun Höllrigl.
The writer and media artist Sigrun Höllrigl broadened Thomas Bernhard`s  emotional and raging harangues against the public with a theory background: the art theory of Wassily Kandinsky and personal experiences about art berserkers like Thomas Bernhard.


Thomas Bernhard remixed I - Frostgehen (Alptraumlandschaft)
The writer Anne Sophie Reyer follows in her work „Frostgehen (Alptraumlandschaft)“  the person of the painter Strauch in „Frost“  in which the poetess recognises an alter ego of Thomas Bernhard himself. The search of traces happens by  a inner monologue  if a woman, which is interwoven by Frost citations.  By polyphony, rythmic changes and collage technics the most relevant subjects of the poetess' perspective were shown and  and examined regarding subjective and post-feministic ideas. „Walking“ becomes an attempt to safe and the surpressed  mother hate of the painter culminates in the saying: „The women is the artifact of the devil“.
( video coming soon)

Thomas Bernhard Remixed III   Ausgehen - by Barbi Markovic

The young Serbian writer Barbi Markovic did a remix of Thomas Bernhard novel "Gehen (1971) and transferred the subject of Bernhards novel - turning mad in Vienna  - into the clubbing scenery of Belgrad and  into getting stupid in the nightlife of post war-Belgrad.

Other Frost-visualization by Christiaan Tonnis and Neon Golden

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