performance programs remixed


 Performance programs Remixed


ART VISUALS &POETRY stands for live visualized literature performances and videopoems.

The programs can be described as happenings or theatralic  intermedia literature performances. One of the main goals is the communication of historical social movements und lyrical speech-forms.





Die „Remixed“-series of ART VISUALS &POETRY make always a historical perspective part of the program, often it is the origin of the recent text production. These historic views are hold by an actor reading ancient textes of writers of the past. These texts are visualized and combined with performances, inverventions, of young writers looking at their heritage.


Historical documents, audio and film can be set in intermedia sourounding such as live performances short film in an emotional und complex setting of meanings. We believe, that  this can create a new interest and understanding among a broader audience for old forms of language. It´s a matter of fact, that single poetry movies of Sylvia Plath or Billy Collins get over 100 000 views on You Tube.

We are recently preparing two more "Remixed"-programs, which can be also shown in translations internationally in different languages. We also create poetry movies out of the live visualizations.


Video production Trakl Remixed (4youreye)

The live Footage was used for video production.


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